but i have to let you go – Poem

The only thing my skin would want
to feel
Every night before I sleep

Of yours enlightens this dark room
to accompany
This lonely soul in me

You’ve gone early,
Slept early in an expensive bed
But I still do smell the white rose
I’ve given to you
Before dirt covered your home and flesh
for eternity

Are you still holding it
Every night when you visit me?
The purity of your fragrance
is hugging me

Battery and Time – Poem

Forty six percent
displayed on the upper right
of the screen

Four nineteen in the afternoon
displayed on
the same screen

Can I see
the remaining percent
of my life
and my time
as a result of wasting all of them?

Nineteen becomes Twenty-three
Forty-six becomes Forty-five
It’s counting
and reducing

Maybe I’m Not That Lonely – Poem

I can still chat to someone
even once in two weeks,
I still have someone
who lives in the same roof,
Maybe I’m not that lonely,
At least I can expect
that they will hear me

Or maybe I just long for connection
a deep one where soul touches soul,
Or maybe I’m just tired of looking
at the screen of my phone,
Still, maybe I’m not that lonely,
It is there sometimes
but I could at least feel happy

I’m too young to define
if I haven’t tried
to live and work alone

I cannot define
if I haven’t tried
to eat lunch in a bathroom stall

I have no right to define
if I hug no one but the clothes
in my wardrobes

I have my own to battle with
but I have no right to disregard theirs
Others have it worse
but it doesn’t mean I have to rejoice
I just wish for them to escape
from feeling like outcasts
and feel a little less lonely

I am not that lonely
I just want others to not be as well

Loneliness Interferes – Poem

When smile disappears
And happiness oversteers,
There’s something I fear
That is near,
Loneliness interferes
And is sincere
To remind me, this atmosphere
Is clear from my peers
And my only souvenirs
Are these words and tears

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