Loneliness Interferes – Poem

When smile disappears
And happiness oversteers,
There’s something I fear
That is near,
Loneliness interferes
And is sincere
To remind me, this atmosphere
Is clear from my peers
And my only souvenirs
Are these words and tears

Every Night – Poem

Every night, my bed is damp
As I sit and flood my room
with my tears and cries

Every night, I lay down
And close my eyes
As it flows down on my face

Every night, I see the sky
Moving calmly
As I kneel and sorrowfully cry

But I see your face
As you trace your fingers on my cheeks
Removing my tears in your embrace

And again, I cry
And cry
but every night, you do the same

How Can I Write Through Poetry? – Poem

How am I suppose to write a poem
About the sun and it’s beautiful sky
If I’m stuck alone here with
barricaded windows and unopened doors?

How can I use my vocabulary,
Widen my imagery,
Write metaphorically
If I forgot how to draw through poetry?

When will I free my mind
From the anxiety that stops
My ability to color any abstract paintings
Through poetry?

When will I continue to lose my mind
Through vast space of creativity
If nightmares are forming my insensitivity
To forget the warmth of poetry?

How can I write through poetry?
How do I process my emotions through poetry?

I Wonder Humankind – Poem

Sometimes I wonder,
We’re born just for the world
To show that there are actors
On the given stage,
To create a performance
Marked by humankind
On the road of Earth’s history

Yet it’s our props
To think that
We are the center of the play
When the truth is
We’re another set of living decorations
Readied on the theater

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